Laracon Online 2020 Ticket Sponsorship

Your favorite people at Tighten are working to find members (or prospective members) of the Laravel Community who would like to attend Laracon but can't afford it. We're primarily focusing on members of demographic groups that are traditionally underrepresented in tech conferences.

  • Total tickets sponsored so far: 262
  • Tickets remaining: 0
  • People on the wait list: 7

After we reach 262 applicants, we'll add all further applicants to a wait list, and see if we can find other potential sponsors to welcome as many folks as possible to the conference.

Would you like to join us? Please complete the application form below! You will receive an email notice within a few days confirming your registration or waitlist status.

The last date to apply is August 14.

Apply here:


Earlier this year, Tighten pledged to sponsor 100 tickets to Laracon, focusing on sending personal invitations to folks from demographic groups that are traditionally underrepresented at programming conferences.

Since the announcement, more friends have stepped up to offer sponsored tickets.

  • Tighten - 100 tickets
  • Anonymous - 10 tickets
  • Anonymous - 1 tickets
  • Ian Landsman - 10 tickets
  • Eric L. Barnes - 10 tickets
  • James Brooks - 5 tickets
  • Programodo - 5 tickets
  • - 5 tickets
  • Caleb Porzio - 5 tickets
  • Cam Scott - 10 tickets
  • Joel Clermont - 10 tickets
  • Laravel - 10 tickets
  • Martin Bean - 5 tickets
  • Fathom Analytics - 10 tickets
  • Artisan Build - 10 tickets
  • Alison kirk - 2 tickets
  • Bill Condo - 2 tickets
  • Primitive - 20 tickets
  • Jeffrey Davis - 1 tickets
  • Steve Pyle - 2 tickets
  • James Mills - 5 tickets
  • Packet Tide LLC - 10 tickets
  • Mike Mollick - 2 tickets
  • Timothy Rowan - 1 tickets
  • Anonymous - 5 tickets
  • Nathan Barrett - 1 tickets
  • Jess Archer - 1 tickets
  • Dean LJ - 2 tickets
  • Shawn Lindstrom - 2 tickets

You can also gift tickets yourself, thanks to the efforts of the Laracon team! Visit their Scholarship Page to learn more.


  • Who is eligible for this scholarship?

    Anyone who is a member of a group that's traditionally been underrepresented at Laracons and other programming conferences and for whom a ticket would mean the possibility to come. Also, anyone who has financial constraints that means they're unable to afford the cost of a ticket. We can't police whether each person "deserves" a ticket, so please, apply if you need it and don't if you don't.

  • What comes with the scholarship?

    The scholarship includes paid registration for Laracon Online.

  • Is anything required of me if I receive the scholarship?

    Nope. Maybe just don't resell the ticket, and enjoy yourself!

  • How do I know if I'm wait-listed or if I receive a ticket?

    You'll receive an email within a few days of your submission that is either a ticket confirmation, or an email notification that you've been wait listed. If you are on the wait list and later receive a ticket, we'll email you as soon as we know, together with your ticket information.